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Johnson Outdoors Inc. (NASDAQ: JOUT) produces outdoor recreational products such as watercraft, diving equipment, camping gear, and outdoor clothing. It has operations in 24 locations worldwide, employs 1,400 people and reports sales of more than $315 million. Helen Johnson-Leipold, one of Samuel Curtis Johnson, Jr.'s four children, has run the company since 1999. Scubapro was founded in the United States in 1963 by Gustav Dalla Valle, the Beuchat representative in the United States, and Dick Bonin to manufacture scuba gear. Scubapro merged with dive computer manufacturer Uwatec in 1997 and became part of Johnson Outdoors.

Beware of the following problem listed on before you buy this product, "There have been several modifications to the Scupabro Hydros shoulder joints. The design is to hold the straps forward, so it’s easy to get on and off. However, there has been some strength issues, and Scubapro will replace any broken shoulder joints free of charge under warranty. Over the last 2 years I have replaced mine 4 times, without any bother, but if you don’t live close to a Scubapro dealer, then make sure that the Hydros you are buying has the latest joints which should be much more stable."


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Technical Administrator Level II (Current Employee) says

"A typical day is very monotonous as I have done about as much as I can do here. I started as data entry and after 3 years Scubapro moved my position from a grade 3 payscale to a grade 2 technical position which I am very grateful for. But the challenge is gone and there is no room for advancement and my heart is someplace else. Otherwise I work with wonderful people who are passionate about what they do, overall it's a good job.Flexible time off allowance which allowed a lot of outside volunteer projectsI don't feel challenged"

Jason Squires says

"Their dive watchs are not made to last. Mine failed after minimal use and being treated well! would never buy from them again"

Scott says

"Gimmicky, overpriced recreational diving gear with an emphasis on glitzy regulators that are an absolute nightmare to service. Pair that with indifferent support from the parent company, (Johnson Wax) and you have a complete waste of your hard-earned cash. There are far better equipment options out there if you intend to become a serious diver. And no, their so-called X Tek “technical diving” line of gear is not embraced by the technical diving community. Do your homework and don’t believe the hype from the instructor-salesman at the dive shop."

Brianan says

"Nova Scotia Semi Dry is the worst quality semi-dry I have ever had. The neck seal tore the first time I tried it on and Scuba Pro insisted it was my fault. Every time I pulled it over my head it caused another tear. My husband has the same suit and had the same problems. Initially the seals were good enough to stop water entering but After a year and a half the seams started separating and the leaks are so big that the water is shushing in and out so fast that it is not getting time to heat up, the middle membrane has separated and the suit is held by the outer and inner layers which are very weak and porous. It is worse than a wetsuit because its not holding the water.
Its such a pity that you are going down the route of poor quality in your products."

Mark Martin says

"Gear is overpriced, you pay for the name representing the quality of years past. A real PITA while traveling because nothing is easily interchangeable with other industry standards because of proprietary doodads and connections."

Simon Crowe says

"I have used Scubapro Uwatec dive computers, currently a Galileo, since I started diving, nearly 1000 dives ago. One of my main reasons for the choice was the SmartTRAK software that allowed me to transfer and analyse details of my dives onto my PC,
I had to buy a new PC, which came with Windows 10 and a total inability to allow any future dive transfers
Various blogs and groups have described the problem and the lack of any support from Uwatec other than some empty promises that a solution is coming. I have emailed Uwatec but have not received even the elementary courtesy of an acknowledgement. My local dive shop has fared no better.
OK, Scubapro, I get the message. You no longer even attempt customer service. Come new dive computer time I shall be heading for Suunto."

Chris Rogers says

"I'm disappointed about the frameless mask that exploded in my face last weekend still haven't heard back from scubapro talking to a lawyer now about filing a lawsuit watch out with frameless mask that's all I'm saying scubapro sucks they don't answer the phone nobody calls you I'm very disappointed after spending more than $50,000 in equipment I'm going to have to change brands you would think they treat me better be more on top of their game other than a phone call that I received basically trying to blame me for it asking me whether I dropped it or drop the tank on it or was it cracked that's all they cared about clearing their name I take great care of my equipment and I know what I do it was not cracked or compromise when I went in the water with proper form it just exploded in my face"

mdunn1781 says

"Really bad customer service. Decent products as long as they work but as soon as they do not prepare for a really bad time. I have had three chromis computers. One broke while I was flying I read somewhere that changing the settings while flying could cause an error. I changed the time to my local time. The other two broke while wearing them as a watch around my office. Both within one week of receiving them. Really big hassle to get good customer service when you have to ship it in and pick it up from a dealer. Most dealers are not open outside of regular 9-5 hours so if you work plan on taking time off to pick it up/drop it off or give up one of your weekend days. Don't try calling in because the techs won't give you any info about the error apparently they cannot tell by the error number the computer gives. My tech told me he "is not God". He was a nice guy(not really). I also had to pay for shipping the first time I sent it in. I could go on."